The Cliff Nepal, (FULL VIDEO) Adventurous Destination (Costings & Adventure)

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The Cliff Nepal lies in the western part of Nepal just about 57 km from Pokhara and 12 km from Baglung. The journey to The Cliff Nepal is 9 to 10 hours long from Kathmandu. You can come here to have the experience of a lifetime. The journey to Khusma itself is an adventure ;  you can experience various beautiful mountains, waterfalls, rivers and forests. This thrilling adventure was established in 2020 and made it to the top highest swing jump in the world and second highest bungee jump in the world.  This place , as well ,  provides an imaginary location for family holiday because it is  an adventure resort. The 228 m (748 feet) high bungee above the Kali Gandaki River gives you a fanciful jumping experience. Furthermore, at the same spot the world’s highest swing (228 meters) and sky cycling adds beauty to the thrilling adventures.

The cliff resort provides the best panoramic view of Kali Gandaki River. The resort unrolls in 22 Ropani Land with 12 deluxe rooms and 9 sharing rooms. The resort has a restaurant, bar and much more. You can stay at The Cliff resort and traverse the suspension bridges around Kushma and Baglung. 

Aerial view of The Cliff Nepal. Photo: Abcon Budhathoki

Whizzing down from heights may seem terrifying but bungee jumping and swing jump is a safe activity with a safety record. All the adventures are ran by  experienced professionals, using the best  and the most reliable equipment , and safety procedures in the cliff Nepal Kushma . 

Some of the facts about The Cliff Nepal

  1. The World’s second-highest Kushma Bungee Jump (228 meters)
  2. The World’s highest Swing (228 meters)
  3. The World’s highest and longest Sky Cycle
  4. Giant Swing of Nepal
  5. The Cliff Nepal was fully funded by all Nepali people
World’s second highest Bungee Jumping in Kushma Nepal, Parbat. Photo: Gaurab Bhandari

Price Listing

The price are mentioned below :

                Package          Price ( Per Person ) 
Bungee Jump  NPR 7000

  • Extra for photo and video (NPR 1200)


Canyon Swing  NPR 7000

  • Extra for photo and video  (NPR 1200)


Sky Cycling  NPR 3500

If you wish to do both canyon swing and bungee, then you are getting the best price. The second jump is given a 50% discount. They are providing discounts according to the situation. 

Who can do Kushma Jump ?

Good health is the important key in life. Hence, make sure you don’t have any of these  health issues before going for the adventure.

  • Heart disease
  • Orthopedic problem
  • Pregnancy
  • Neck, back and spinal cord injury

 For other health like high blood pressure , asthma, epilepsy or dizziness and leg injuries and eye injuries, first consult with a doctor . 

Overnight package cost 

           Stay          Price ( NRP )
    Deluxe Night       Rs 3500 per person 


    Standard Night          Rs 2500 per person 

The above overnight packages include 3 meals. They aren’t fully functional accommodation wise. Therefore , as of now they charge above mentioned price. 

Photo: Rupesh Lekhak
Photo: Rupesh Lekhak

Giant swing 

Giant swing is the most fascinating thing to do in The Cliff Nepal . It has its own thrilling part . If you are a fan of height and want to take beautiful pictures to take away from thrilling adventure you can enjoy giant swing . The price for giant swing is Rs 250 per person .

The Giant Swing. Photo: Rupesh Lekhak

First sky cycling in Nepal 

The cliff had constructed the first sky cycling in Nepal. Sky cycling would lie above 248 meters from the Kali Gandaki River. The team is working hard for it. Their first priority is safety ,so they are working on it. It is currently at a trial phase and it will surely open in future. This will be the first ever thrilling adventure sky cycling in Nepal.    

Written by Sunila Dhungel

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