Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

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What are the best restaurants in Kathmandu? Where should one go for awesome foods and a fine dining experience? There is no lack of good restaurants in Kathmandu. If you are also wondering where to go, here is a compilation of some of the best restaurants in Kathmandu.

Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

Eating out in Kathmandu is an enjoyable experience. Listed below are the best restaurants in Kathmandu that offer great food and ambience.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Fire and Ice Pizzeria serves the best pizza in Kathmandu. When Anna Maria Forgione came to Nepal in 1988, she eagerly wanted to share some of her cultures with Nepal and started with jars of homemade tomato sauce in farmers’ markets. After six years, strength and inspiring oneself, she opened Fire and Ice Pizzeria. The aroma of pizza coming from the restaurant is tempting enough to lure anyone who passes by.

Consequently, the large but intimate seeming space of Fire and Ice Pizzeria is always packed with travelers, mountaineers, and local residents. Inside this best restaurant in Kathmandu, Pizza isn’t just the only thing that you could actually enjoy. The different varieties of international wine along with delicious pasta, organic salads, and desserts.


Official Website

219 Sanchyakosh Bhawan, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu
Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10 AM-10 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 10 AM-10 PM

Bricks Cafe

Situated in Koupondole, Lalitpur, Bricks Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu. It is peaceful and relaxing which makes your dining experience out of this world. The beverage list here is the star of the restaurant with a wide choice of bottles sourced from around the globe. With a wood-fired oven, the chef cooks up delectable pizza loaded with cheese and other toppings (more than we expect), a single bite that would transport you to foody heaven.

The ambiance of the bricks cafe holds historical significance as the building was built during the Rana period. Still, there are bricks that are inscribed around 1903. Mastermind of Bricks Cafe, the best restaurant in Kathmandu, has managed to preserve the property without losing its essence, and the chef manages to pull out the flavors and firm favorites to create fresh and new cuisine. The dark wooden furnished settings make Bricks Cafe the best restaurant in Kathmandu for couples too. For something more casual and tasty, you can go to Bricks cafe’s pizza and delicious Biryani.

Official Website

Location – Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal

Phone- 01-5181100


At SASA Twa you can savor the best Newari Food in Kathmandu. The city has many restaurants offering Newari fare but SASA Twa is a cut above the rest. Located in Kritipur, a picturesque Newari town in the outskirts of the main city, the decor at Sasa Twa reflects the rich culture and heritage of local Newars. Here, you will get to taste finger-licking authentic Newari delicacies.

The vibe at Sasa Twa is lively and exciting, making it one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu. During various occasions like Jatras or local street festivals, the restaurant organizes special traditional Newari music and Lakhey dances. Patrons can enjoy the cultural program while enjoying Newari food. People from other parts of Kathmandu frequent this joint during such programs as they get to enjoy authentic Newari food and culture. The price is reasonable and the service is great.

Instagram profile@sasatwa
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Location- Kritipur
Phone –

Roadhouse Cafe

If you are searching for the best restaurants in Kathmandu with a great ambiance and mouth-watering tasty meals, Roadhouse Cafe is the place you should go to. Located in the different central places of the Kathmandu Valley, it is easily accessible and versatile, just as suitable for some cozy dates or for lunch or dinner with family and friends.

All of Roadhouse Cafe outlets are decorated with Mediterranean colors, wooden furniture, and mosaics on the walls, giving the café an earthy feel that’s almost mesmerizing. You can dine outdoors at their cozy garden patio. The menu of Roadhouse Cafe is a mix of continental and Italian dishes and high-end beverages. You get to taste the best pizzas in Kathmandu. Roadhouse Cafe is a high-end eatery in Kathmandu frequented by ex-pats and locals alike.

Menu of Roadhouse Cafe –
Location – Thamel, Durbarmarg, Jhamshikhel, Bhatbhateni, Boudha, and Labim Mall


Simplicity takes the cake! Trisara is absolutely the best restaurants in Kathmandu. Situated in the most popular places of Kathmandu, Durbarmarg, and Lazimpat, Trisara is go-to area for humans of all. This chic quaint restro flaunts a casual yet chic setting; its relaxing and friendly vibe is unmistakable. The menu balances globally-inspired fusion food, like continental, Indian, local Nepali dishes, and a delicious selection of beverages. The cost is a little pricey, but totally worth it.

The Durbarmarg outlet of Trisara is perfect for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy your choice of food while listening to live music and soulful numbers crooned by a local artist. Trisara Lazimpat is more popular for its energetic vibe and ambiance. This outlet patronizes local bands which are known for playing foot-tapping and energetic musical scores.

Instagram of Trisara @trisara
Location- Lazimpat and Durbarmarg

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