Tharu Cuisine

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Tharu people are the inhabitants of the Terai (lowland) of Nepal. They have a very unique culture and tradition. Aprat form the culture, they have a rich food culture and delicacies too. As the Tharu community is stretched from western to the eastern part of Nepal (lowlands), they have a distinct tharu cuisine as per their regions.

Tharu Cuisine

Tharu community, mainly resides near marshlands, rivers and flooded plains. That’s why most of the Tharu cuisines include various types of freshwater fishes, crabs, snails, mussels, wild mushroom, etc. They eat meats are pig, wild boar, chicken, wild rabbit, pigeon meat etc.


Ghonghi is basically mud-water snails, especially found in streams and paddy fields of the Terai region which is one of the most popular Tharu cuisines. It is mixed with the local spices along with flaxseed that with surely make your mouth go tangy and spicy. Ghonghi are perfectly washed, cleaned and boiled before serving it to customers. If you happened to be around the Terai region, especially Tharu community them make sure to try this one.


If you are a meat lover then go for Pakuwa. It is a BBQ meat (Sekuwa) of pork and wild boar. The spices are well marinated that will surely take you to the cloud 9. Its may the local spices which makes the Pakuwa very different from what we eat here in Kathmandu.

Gengta/Kakhor/Kekhada Pickle (Chutney)

Gengta Chutney is a Carb which is perfectly clean and cooked and prepared during festivals. Mixed with the local spices, you can have it as a snack or mix it with other dishes too.


Bhakka is another famous snack of Tharu Cuisine. Mostly, this cuisine belongs to the Tharu community of eastern Nepal. Bhakka is a steamed fluffy rice cake. It is a accompanied by Achar, pickle or chutney. It is also available in some places of Kathmandu too.

Chichar/Anadi Rice

Chichar is a steam andi rice that is eaten during occasions. Anadi rice is a sticky rice that is cultivated in the western plains of Nepal. Anadi rice is also used to make other Tharu Cuisine and Aandik jhor/Jaar (liquor).


Sipi is a musssel which is boiled and prepared with local spices. It is freshwater mussels.

Jhingiya machhari (Jhinga Maccha)

This Tharu cuisine is made up of freshwater shrimp. They are cooked with the local spices.

Parewak Sikar

Parewak Sikar is another popular Tharu dish made with a pigeon meat. It is served either roasting, curry or fried.


Dhikri is western Tharu cuisine that is made from rice flour. The rice dough is steamed and shaped it into various shapes too. They are accompanied with lentil soup, curry, and chutney. Dhikri is made during Maghe Sankranti, and also has religious values too.


Bagiya is also made up of rice flour, which is flat and protruding ends. It is filled with lentils, spices and boiled patato. Some they are also stuffed with chakku too.


Khariya is another most famous and tasty Tharu Cuisine. It is also made up of rice, legumes and spices that is wrraped with colocasia leaves and then deep fried. Mostly it contains Black lentils and rice grains.


Sidhara is a Sidhra fish that is grounded together with taro, colocasisa steam, and spices. They are shaped into a cake and sun dried prior to eating. It is also served a soup or curry.

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