Must Eat Newari food When in Kathmandu

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Kathmandu is not about the ancient city that is rich in this culture and tradition but also Newari Food. Being the ancient town of the Newari people, the craze and love for the Newari food in Kathmandu is unbeatable.

There are many Newari restaurants in Kathmandu where you can have authentic Newari Food. Let’s dive into it.

Best Newari Restaurants in Kathmandu

But before that let’s dive into the best Newari Restaurants in Kathmandu where you get all the Newari food listed below.

  1. Newa Lahana
  2. Sasa Twa
  3. Newa Suli
  4. Honacha
  5. Palu Malta

Check out the best restaurants in Kathmandu for delicious food and a fine dining experience

Must Eat Newari food When in Kathmandu

All the Newari food has been derived from century-old Newai Culture. They have a unique taste in their food and all the ingredients and spices are local. Newari people have been passing their food recipes from generation to generation.


Yomari is one of the most popular Newari food that is very delicious and unique in structure. It is made up of rice flour. Either Chaku or Khuwa is filled inside the rice dough. After steaming for 10 minutes and Yomari is ready to eat. Newari people eat yomari during November/December, during the winter season in Nepal, to give the body warmth. They have a Yomari Purne, also Yomari khaney Din. This time, many Newari people sell Yomari too. You can get Yomari in Newari restaurants in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur.

Sapu Mhicha

Sapu Micha is a very unique, but finger-licking goof Newari food ] that is made with bone marrow of Buffalo. it is very soft, chewy, and juicy. In this dish, Buffalo bone marrow is stuffed in Buffalo leaf tripe. And later tied with a thread. It looks like a small pouch, which is boiled and deep-fried. All you need is to eat the whole pouch and leave the thread.

Make Sure you try this once in your lifetime.


Bara is a popular Newari snack, made up of lentils. You can also call it Lentils pancake as it is round and tasty. Lentil is soaked in water for a whole day and washed to remove the bean peel off. Later it is ground and turns it into a thick paste. After putting salt and ginger, it is cooked in a pan and oil and spread into a pancake-like shape. You can have like it or also add egg, meat, and other vegetables too.


Choila is one of the most popular and delicious Newari food for meat lovers. The taste, the Aroma, and the spices make you drool over it. The meat is smoked by burning wood until it is soft and chewy. Later it is marinated with mustard oil, red dried chilies, other spices to make it spicier. It is very common and can get in normal restaurants in Kathmandu too.

Do you know what Ghongi is? It is the dish that you should try while visiting Terai.


Chatamari is also called Newari dish made up of rice flour. A rice flour dough is spread into pizza-like shapes and toppings like eggs, meat, vegetables are added. For this, you have to be in the typical Newari restaurants that are mentioned above.

Samayabaji/ Newari Khaja Set

Samayabaji/ Newari khaja Set is an important dish of the Newari culture and tradition. It consists of all the traditional and delicious Newari food like beans, aalu, saag, chhoyela, egg, achaar, and baji which are served on a leaf plate. For this, you need to visit authentic Newari restaurants in Kathmandu.


Dhau means Curd/Yogurt. It is the most loved dessert of Nepalese. As per Newari tradition, the Newari feast or bhoj ends with Yogurt. You have to visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square for JuJu Dhau, king of curd.

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