Club Himalaya-Best Hotel in Nagarkot

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Club Himalaya is one of the best hotels in Nagarkot. Situated just 32 kilometers East of Kathmandu, Club Himalaya Nagarkot lies in the heart of the peaceful nature that ensures the luxurious comforts that one could ask for. This hotel in Nagarkot mainly focuses on providing a unique and authentic Nepali hospitality experience to their guests that enables the travelers to feel the difference and seek authenticity rather than fakes cosmetic and aesthetics.

Club Himalaya is managed under Ace Hotels and Resorts, which have pioneering 42 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Peep over to the beautiful landscapes and Himalayas from where Mt. Everest is clearly visible. From the Sunkissed terrace to the lush green courtyard, every corner and nook of Club Himalaya, one of the best resorts in Nagarkot offers the chance to connect with nature where you can relax your mind and body.

Best Attractions of Club Himalaya Nagarkot- Best Hotel in Nagarkot

Below are the main attractions of Club Himalaya Nagarkot.

Where Luxury Meets Nature

Club Himalaya - where nature meets nature

The main motto of the Club Himalaya is to connect its clients with nature. When it comes to the hospitality business everyone wants to provide luxuries and authentic experiences to its guests, but Club Himalaya has been offering something out of the box to its guests- Connection with nature. Situated in the magnificent settings, it works concertedly towards involving a blend of nature and modern amenities and creating another level of nature-centric niche which has become synonymous in Nepal as a foremost example of luxury meets nature. You can relax in the sitting areas placed in different premises of the hotels and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Peaceful Ambience

Club Himalaya- hotels in nagarkot

Being the only property on the hill makes the atmosphere of the Club Himalaya very peaceful. The surrounding greenery makes you lose yourself in the tranquility of nature. The interior is very simple and the splendid traditional wooden craftsmanship – it’s the cherry on the top. ? The quaint atmosphere makes Club Himalaya a suitable place for a quick escape from the bustling city life, for meditation or yoga, and for honeymooners to make love in the surreal location that gives the extra touch of grace and divine.


Accomodation- Club Himalaya - best hotels in Nagarkot

When it comes to the accommodation services, Club Himalaya has been providing comfortable accommodation to its guests. All the rooms are spacious and well furnished which comes with modern amenities. Each room has a private balcony to witness the amazing view and the extravagant sunrise and sunset. All the rooms are well-conditioned and consist of spacious bathrooms along with quality amenities mixed with Himalayan Herbs.

Himalayan Range and Famous Citites

Situated at 7200 feet above sea level on the Windy Hill, from club Himalaya you can examine the panoramic view of the Himalayan range stretched from Lantang range to Jugal Range including famous peaks like Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Dorje Lhakpa, and many more. More than that, when the sky is more clear, you can witness, Changu Narayan in the West; Mt. Annapurna in the North West; Mt. Everest in the North-East; Indrawati Valley in the East; and the Nagarkot Hill on the South. Likewise, you can also see the unobstructed 360 views of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Sankhu village.

Sunrise and Sunset

sunset from club himalaya- best hotels in nagarkot

Club Himalayas is the perfect place to watch sunrise and sunset from Nagarkot. It is not only famous for its natural beauty and Himalayan range, but Nagarkot is also famous for its beautiful sunset and sunrise. The clouds floating below the hotel and the sun oozing out of it will doubtlessly make you lost in the beauty of it. And the golden sunrays falling upon the Himalayan range make you feel like you are in paradise.

Indoor Swimming Pool and Zacuzzi

Club Himalaya- Indoor Swimming Pool- best hotels in Nagarkot

Club Himalaya is the only hotel in Nagarkot with an indoor swimming pool. Managed by the Health club Kavre, you can use a Jcuzzi, and swimming pool for your refreshment and relaxation. Soak in a Jacuzzi to bring down swelling and loosens tight muscles, heart disease and many more.

Click this link for Pool and Jacuzzi Pacakages

Restaurant and Bar

Open restaurant at Club Himalaya- best hotels in nagarkot

Club Himalaya consists of a restaurant and bar named Kantipur Restaurant and Bar Indrawati respectively. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable that serves a large selection of Chinese, Indian, Nepalese and Continental cuisines. One can seat oneself on the terrace and enjoy the delicious foods/cuisine with the Himalayan range view.

Besides that, Bar Indrawati serves a huge selection of international and national beverages. The interior is decorated with a cozy fireplace, rustic mountain tavern decor, and dance floor where you can groove and shake with fusion and jazz music making it a perfect night out for party lovers.

Recreation Facilites

If you want to make your staycation more adventure and memorable, then you can take part in the recreation facilities of Club Himalaya. This includes Mountain Biking, Kite flying (During Dashain), and excursions or hiking to nearby places or villages. No matter how short or long your stay duration is, Club Himalaya tries to connect with nature.

Contact Number– Tel.: +977-01-6680080/83/46
Location – Windy Hills, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Nepal

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