9 Food Pages In Nepal You Should Be Following On Instagram

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Do you love to explore new foods and eating places? Do you wish your Instagram feed to be filled with some pleasant and flavorsome food posts? If your answer is YES, then you absolutely have to check out these 8 food pages in Nepal who post the most delectable and amazing food posts which will make you ridiculously hungry.

Trust us, this is a list of Instagram accounts that you don’t want to miss out on if you love food and love to explore and experiment. And, We suggest, follow us on Instagram (if you haven’t already)

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Here is the list of 9 Food Pages In Nepal You Should Be Following On Instagram


Lilfoodie says “Before i entered the world of food blogging, i had no idea what this was all about. As a normal school kid, playing and fooling around i started a small page in instagram “ lil.foodie “. TLC used to be my great inspiration. I had great interest in food as well as exploring varieties of foods, restaurants, cuisines. Nepal is a country of Cultural diversity and so are its foods. I am here to show you all those diversities in nepali cuisines and guide you to a fuller belly and happy face.


My Darling Food is a journey of exploring foods in Nepal and its similarities with global cuisines. Although the day My Darling Food page started on Instagram, there were no clear plans, it was just a place to share the stories of food since the personal account was full of it and this was at least a proper place to post them. But the unexpected response from the followers has gotten this page here with more than 29 thousand followers also, the unconditional love for food. You can follow around the restaurants in Nepal through this Instagram handle and even their kitchen. You’ll find eateries nearby to go and kill your cravings, overall review of the restaurant so that you have all the information before visit. My Darling Food is a moody cook but when something cooks in their kitchen, they make sure its easy, and anyone can cook with ingredients they already have in their kitchen. They believe that anyone can cook if you are willing to eat. You’ll find the photos and videos of food, that will surely make you regret checking the profile but they’ll be your food guide too.

Siddhartha Ghimire, the face behind had an interest in different cuisines and exploring restaurants. He says “My biggest influencer who introduced me to the culinary world is my father who is a Chef. By the age of 15, I almost knew the restaurant scenario in Kathmandu. Surprisingly, because of my dad, I knew so many chefs of hotels and restaurants where I even used to attend many food seminars and exhibitions which widened my knowledge of food culture. I always had a passion for visiting new restaurants, clicking food pictures, and sharing the food reviews with my friends and families. All these made me open a food blog on Instagram 5 years back under the name not knowing it would gain so much attention and love. Now that I have in total nearly 2.7 lakh followers on different social media channels I love this job of mine, visiting and giving food reviews to my followers. This food blog has made me stay connected with so many food enthusiasts all over the world that my knowledge of food culture is growing every day.”

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Whether you’re a veteran vegan/vegetarian or just starting to explore your options, you’ll find a wide variety of recipes and restaurant’s food reviews on “veggiedelightnp”. From breakfast and snacks to burgers and desserts along with a wide range of cooking techniques using ayurvedic methods. Veggiedelightnp came into existence around 2017 after Jeannie realized it was really difficult especially for vegetarians to search for food options in Nepal through an online platform. Food has always been the best way to get away with the busy schedule and stressful life for her. She decided she would share her experience through Instagram.

You’ll get to learn many things about “ Ayurveda and Yoga “. She encourages people to eat healthily. “ Eating tasty can be healthy too. ” that’s the idea she wants to share with everyone who follows her journey. On the other hand, she loves traveling and exploring new food and culture of people wherever she goes.


Abhishek, the face behind @foods.nepal says “My love for food has always been inside of me, and creating a food page was just an extension of that love. It’s been more than 3 years since. I’ve been on this food journey, and honestly, my life has never been more adventurous and exhilarating. The best part about all of this is exploring food, meeting new people, and sharing my experience with my audience. For someone who wasn’t much of an outgoing person, foods.nepal sure has taken me out of my shell & made me confident in who I am. It has helped me become more interactive & learn more about food and lifestyle through a closer lens. Apart from food reviews, I also post my recipes & recipes that I take from different platforms. My audience loves the recipes I post, and honestly, that brings me pure joy. They send me their version of my recipes and every time it happens, I’m just filled with emotions.”

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Aleesa, the face behind @foodnommics says” The idea of having a blog was foreign to me back when I started in August 2016. I shared all my food experiences on my personal Instagram account. That’s when I created my page Foodnommics, a dedicated blog for my food pictures. In the earlier days, Foodnommics used to be just a page filled with attempts of snapping captivating food pictures. Slowly, it started getting the attention of various people and suddenly I could see how my experiences mattered to the people whom I didn’t even know. The food industry was booming and every day you could find a new restaurant open. That was the advent of food blogging in Nepal as people needed information, wanted recommendations, or a second opinion on whether they can trust the taste, quality, and service of food of a particular place. I started focusing more on writing about the food of different eateries along with small detail such as Parking availability, extra charges, and Wifi availability. So far, Foodnommics has been a learning experience for me. I try my best to be helpful to the viewers who want to know more, communicate what I know through my content, and justify the beauty of food through the pictures. Just like my tagline “Sorry for the drools”, you can expect drooling pictures and food recommendations from my page.”

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Pawan and Sabbu, the faces behind the say “We started 2yrs back in our high school days when we had no clue about foods and flavors. All we knew was we wanted food and went to random places to eat. That turned into an everyday routine as it was such a great experience to explore new tastes at new places and meet new faces. Eventually, with the motive to share the same experience, we two pre-primary buddies created We’ve learned so much through From feeling awkward to ask for a glass of water to reviewing the restaurant itself. has helped us to grow as a person. It has given us such good opportunities and life long lessons. Earlier we went to restaurants on our own and, now we’ve started getting invitations and we couldn’t be happier. The exposure we are getting isn’t that big but we are grateful to get every bit of it. We couldn’t be more honored and happy towards people who love our pictures and try the food we suggest. Its thing like this that help us work with extreme enthusiasm to better our page and find new food and flavor.” is one of the growing Food Pages in Nepal.


It started back in the days when we had trouble finding eateries around Kathmandu and that’s when they (Mena and Priyanka) decided to create a platform for connecting food enthusiasts and exploring the taste of the city and documenting them for the ones that faced similar problems as of ours. The growth of our blog into an influential platform on social media led them to do marketing works for amazing restaurants. In May 2018, their blog was discontinued due to security reasons. The failure in the prevention of this event led to the loss of a growing audience of more than 25 thousand. When all of their’s recovery attempts failed, they decided to start it from scratch. Building everything again from ground-zero, they’re reigniting their influential voice on social media with a growing audience. In the upcoming future, they are planning to travel across Nepal, promoting Nepal’s diverse culinary heritage.

Shubam Parajuli, the face behind says ” I’m as much of an aspiring photographer as the foodie that’s within me. Being someone who didn’t know a thing about photography. I made sure that I gradually learned and worked so hard every day to master this art. And I’ve pursued photojournalism to enhance my knowledge before being a food blogger. I’ve always enjoyed being behind the lenses and capturing immemorial moments. I never realized then that I was truly passionate about food photography. My blog seemed to have just happened, with the flow because I wanted the pictures. Now there’s a friend, Sweksha Bhattarai, who is helping me and guiding me in my journey. Surprisingly, with our hard work and dedication, we are getting many followers and people waiting for our reviews and looked up to us for recommendations, praised our critical analysis, and loved our pictures of food and restaurants. There are still many places to go, many stories that are yet untold, and many new cuisines to discover and many more flavors to taste. With the help of our followers support, we are here with the intent of growing our little space and hopefully have a positive influence on people who look up to us.” is also one of the growing Food Pages in Nepal.

This is our listing on 9 Food Pages In Nepal. We are on Instagram too, Please follow us here @nepal8thwonder_

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