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Dashain- The Biggest festival of Nepal

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Dashain Festival is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by the Hindu community of Nepal and Nepalese residing all over the world. It usually lies in the month of Ashwin (October). The weather this time is also very pleasant.

This festival brings joy, happiness, and smiles to the lives of the Nepalese people. This is the time for celebration and all the family gathers together to celebrate Dashain, the biggest festival which comes only once a year.

Why Dashain is celebrated?

As per Hindu Mythology, there was a fierce demon named Mahisasur who brought chaos in the Devalok (where gods and devas exist). So, the Goddess Durga fought with the devil for ten days and slaughtered Mahisasur. Subsequently, Dashain is a celebration of a win over evil. That’s why Dashain is also called Vijaya Dashami or Bijaya Dashami. Vijaya means victory and Dashami means ten days.

For how many days Dashain is celebrated?

Dashin is celebrated for 15 days which starts from the Shukla Pasha and ends on Purnima. However, the most important days for Dashain are,

The First Day (Ghatasthapana)

Ghatasthapana is the day where Dashain actually starts. On this day, people sow Jamara in their house to be put along with Tika later on the 10th day of Vijaya Dashami.

The Seventh Days- Fulpati

“Ful” means flower and “Pati” mean leaves. The Brahmin priest brings royal Kalash, banana stalks, Jamara, and sugar cane bind with red clothes from Gorkha to Kathmandu. There will be fulpati parade organized by the Nepali Army in Tudhikhel as well, which is observed by the delegates including the President of Nepal. When the parade ends, the fulpati is taken back to Hanuman Dhoka. On this day, people clean their house.

The Eighth Day- Maha Asthami

On this day, kali and Durga are worshipped, as the most fierce of Goddess Durga’s appearance, Kali showed up from the sacrifice of the animals like goats, hen, ducks, and so on. Blood is given to the Goddess as a symbol of fertility. Later people eat the meat as a prasad from the Goddess.

The Ninth Day- Maha Navami

On this day, kali and Durga are worshipped. It is also the day of Visawakarma so people worship, bus, car, bike,, and so on.

The Tenth Day- Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Dashami is the most important day of Dashain. On this day, people put tika and Jamara from the elder person and receive Dakshina (money as a gift). People go to their relatives to put the blessing and celebrate together with the family.

The Last Day of Dashain- Kojagrat Puja

This day marks the end of Dashain. “Kojagrat” means Purnima (Full Moon). As per the mythology, if you are awake all night in this Purnima, Goddess of wealth, Laxmi will provide wealth to all the devotees.

How do people celebrate Dashain?

As Dashain is the time of celebration, all Nepalese celebrate with their families with delicious food, especially meat, flying kites, playing cards, buying new clothes, and playing swings.

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