Mount Everest is Visible From Kathmandu for First Time in Living Memory

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Last week Mount Everest was visible from Kathmandu for the first time in living memory. The picture above, taken from Chobar by Abhushan Gautam, of the world’s highest peak over 120-miles away, would not have been possible two months ago, reports the Nepal Times.

Mt Everest (arrow) hidden behind Mt Kang Nachugo and Mt Chobutse from Chobar in Kathmandu on 10 May. The reduction of vehicular emission has cleaned the air, making it possible to see the highest mountain in the world, 200km away. Photos: Abhushan Gautam

Due to the global lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, vehicles are off the roads, and industry has ground to a halt, resulting in significantly reduced air pollution and clean air above Nepal.

Hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses brought on by pollution and poor quality air in the area have also seen a sharp drop in the last couple of months.

Source of the news: Nepali Times

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