Goodbye lockdown cravings. Hello Bricks Cafe!

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It’s already been more than two months of lockdown and while we are all missing to be back on the road, wander around the hills and the plains of our beautiful country or even just stroll around the old settlements few of us call home, we also miss not needing to eat dal-bhat-tarkari at home all the time and just have a delicious dining experience at our favorite restaurants with our loved ones.

If you’re like one of us, then we’re pretty sure you have also dug up recipes from the internet (or your trusted friends) and tried cooking at home. From momos to pasta to sandwiches, we have tried everything and anything we could think of and craved. We’ve tried having a momo party on Zoom with our friends and realized it’s not the same because momos definitely don’t even look the same. We’ve tried making pasta together while being on the video call and got on each other’s nerves even before the online date began as one of us kept asking to repeat the recipes. We’ve cooked hurriedly and almost burnt the fried chicken during our family get together on Facebook Messenger.  And while experimenting like this is all fun for the first few times, it gets tedious with the dishes not even tasting the same like that from restaurants. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about cravings and cooking anymore as one of our favorite joints in Kathmandu, Bricks Cafe, is not only back in business, but they are better than ever.

Started from April 30, Bricks Cafe right now is only doing takeaways, with meals being delivered by Foodmandu. They have come up with lockdown special menus, including varieties of fan-favorite specialized firewood pizza, momo, snacks, and pasta. According to Kumar Bhatta, the General Manager of Bricks Cafe, the decision to resume cafe with delivery took place after realizing that their customers were missing the restaurant’s food. “Lockdown isn’t going to ease down anytime soon and when we realized that Foodmandu, who is already our delivery partner, were delivering groceries, we planned to resume with them,” he shared.

All of the food are prepared using mostly local ingredients thus giving off the local taste in even international cuisine like Firewood Pizza and Pasta. The starter menu mostly includes dishes from local cuisine, including Choila (Chicken and Mushroom) and Sukuti Sandheko along with everyone’s favorites like French Fries and Fried Chicken. So running the cafe not only is supporting its staff members but it also helps local farmers and producers while promoting the local food scenes in this dire times.

Wood fired Pizza, Bricks Cafe. Photo: Sarthak Karki

So next time you want to celebrate Friday night with family on that Zoom get together or just do a Skype call with your friends, order your favorite Pizza or Momo or any dish from Bricks Cafe with help of Foodmandu(App/Website). In this way, all of you can have the same dish with the same taste (so it does feel like going out in someways) and you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning and getting tired anymore. Plus, you get to support local businesses beyond just the cafe so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Momos. Photo: Sarthak Karki


Currently, seven staff members who can get to the cafe by walking or cycling early in the morning, are involved. This has helped in maintaining the physical distance required by the members. Similarly, before calling it a day, the restaurant is cleaned thoroughly by disinfectants and is re-washed the next day before starting. All the staff members are required to wash their hands with soap water and wear masks. They have also made sure that their delivery partners also strictly follow the hygiene and sanitation etiquette like using gloves and masks by the driver and disinfecting the vehicle before and after the delivery.

Article by Shuvechchhya Pradhan

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