Top 5 Foods in Nepal

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Nepalese food has got a very unique style of taste with various spices. Here are top 5 foods in Nepal which we Nepalese have daily .

Summary of Top 5 Foods in Nepal:

S.N Top 5 Foods of Nepal
5 Selroti
4 Newari Khaja Set
3 Dhindo and Gundruk
2 Momo
1 Dal Bhat Tarkari

5. Selroti

It doesn’t need any description in Nepali foods. It’s prepared mainly during the Tihar festival in Nepal. Its created with sweet rice bread , and is fried till it gets red in a ring-shaped like a doughnut.

4. Newari Khaja Set

It contains overall 13 items as a whole can be served for around 3-4 people. It contains Bitten rice which is called “cheura” in Nepali, Roasted soyabeans called “ sadheko bhatmas” , spiced buffalo meat “choila” , dried and spiced buff meat “sukuti” and all.

3. Dhindo and Gundruk

It’s the most traditional food of Nepal. Its prepared by mixing and stirring the flour of either maize or wheat in the boiling water continuosly. Gundruk is a dried and fermented leafy vegetables (which is called “saag” in nepali). It’s prepared like a soup adding all the ingredients and flavours with potatoes or beans and the soup is called “Gundruk ko jhol” in Nepali.

2. Momo

This is very popular food of Nepal. It’s a dumpling food which is usually made from a thick, malleable mixture of flour and liquid which is filled up with cut up food like buffalo meat, chicken or vegetables mixed up with spices and its either boiled(steamed) or fried directly In various hotels of Nepal. It’s served with “achar” which means “Pickle”.

1. Dal Bhat Tarkari

It’s the meal which is eaten by all the Nepalese daily , especially two times a day. It contains “Bhat” which means rice in Nepali needed to be boiled, “Dal” which is a flavoured soup made using various spices and there is “Tarkari” which means curry made from using various vegetables and so many spices.

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