Bricks Cafe – A Perfect Place for Fine Dining Experience in Kathmandu

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Just in the heart of the busy city of Kathmandu, there lies a quaint but charming restaurant named Bricks Cafe. Searching for the best restaurants in Kathmandu, and Bricks Cafe got my attention. From preserving the culture and tradition of the Rana period, maintaining sustainability, and promoting the local business market to serving the best multi-cuisine and firewood pizzas, Bricks Cafe is the perfect place for spending a sweet time with your loved ones or for your casual lunch meetings.


Best Attractions of Bricks Cafe- Best Restaurant in Kathmandu

What makes the best restaurant? Generally, a lively bar, mind-blowing ambiance, several decades in operation but still feels fresh, finger-licking cuisine, and fast service. If you think these things give justice to be called the best restaurants, then Bricks Cafe has it all.

Firewood Pizza- One of the best pizzas in Kathmandu

Firewood Pizza, Bricks Cafe
Firewood Pizza

First thing first, Bricks Cafe serves the best pizza in Kathmandu. They have been serving 27 varieties of authentic wood-fired Neapolitan-style Pizzas. A puffy, blistered crust, a sag-proof base, and loaded toppings, their pizza is one of the things that you should eat in your lifetime. For some extra at-home comfort, you can ask them to make your pizza half and a half (4 slices of one variety of Pizza and the remaining 4 other varieties). If I have to say, their pizza is something you can’t eat just one.

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Mouth Lingering Cuisine

Besides pizza, they also serve local and international cuisine too. Inside the old- Nepali-style traditional building, there is a lively bar filled with international and national beverages.

Duck Meat, Bricks Cafe, Best restaurant in Kathmandu
Duck Meat

Bricks Cafe offers tangy snacks, Indian dishes, pasta, Mongolian prawns, local Nepali foods like momo, choilas, and juicy and sweet desserts for your sweet tooth.


Indoor Dining at Bricks Cafe
Indoor Dining

Bricks Cafe’s ambience is something that you barely see in most of the restaurants in Kathmandu. It is not cozy as it seems to be from the outside of the building. Their 3 story building was built during the Rana period and renovated nicely, and has preserved the aesthetics and beauty till now. That is the distinct feature of Bricks Cafe, which has increased the value of this restaurant.

Old Historic Photo- Bricks Cafe
Old Historic Photo- Bricks Cafe

The interior is a bricked wall lit up by wall sconces that are covered with old pictures of Nepal. When you enter there, seeing the interior and walking around, you feel like you are in a small museum filled with the historic artifacts like bricks made during the Rana Period (you can still see the date carved in them) filled with the aroma of delicious cuisines. For dine-in, tables and chairs are properly placed keeping the social distance in mind.

Peaceful and Calm Environment

Bricks Cafe
Bricks Cafe

The room is dim which has further enhanced the beauty of restaurants, making it more peaceful and calm. It is intimated seeing making it the perfect place for spending time with your loved ones, families, and friends. There is also private space on the top of the building, making it suitable for private events, gatherings, and even small meetings too.

Tip – If you are looking for a candlelight dinner date with your better half, then Bricks Cafe is the best place for dinner in Kathmandu.


Food Packed in Disposal Paper
Food Packed in Disposal Paper

The over-breaking climate change and damaged ecosystem, making people more conscious and take a stand to act more sustainably. For this Bricks Cafe is setting up a good example and has been implementing sustainability in its restaurant. Most of their products are recycled and also reducing food waste to the maximum limit. They are using metallic straw replacing the plastic straw, using disposable paper bags for food packing. Moreover, they are using organic vegetables and also encouraged hydroponic farming as well by using hydroponic lettuce in their salads, sandwiches, and garnishes.

Local Communities

Koseli Products , Bricks Cafe
Koseli Products

With the thought of developing the potential market of the local communities of Nepal, Bricks cafe is utterly supporting the products of local communities. 95% of their ingredients are locally sourced. Such as  Barauli Duck, Fish, and many more. To further emphasize the market, Bricks cafe is collaborating with the Koseli and selling some local products like, beans from Manang, rice from Dailekh, chhurpi from Ilam (hardened Cheese) to name a few.

Open Space

Outdoor Dining, Bricks Cafe
Outdoor Dining in Bricks Cafe

Bricks Cafe also has the best open space for outdoor dining. In summer the place is not so much warm as there are brimming trees and plants to make the space shady and cool. At the night, the garden looks like something from the fairy tale, from the light lanterns placed throughout the area and fragrant herbs offer the ultimate outdoor dining experience in Kathmandu. Keeping the Covid-19 in mind, all the seats are socially distanced making it suitable for gatherings too.

Better Customer Service

Staffs of Bricks Cafe
Staff of Bricks Cafe

Bricks Cafe has the best and fast customer service. To enhance it better, all the staff of the cafe has recently been taking TYPSY Course to provide quality customer service. It also develops the personal growth and development of staff too. Courses like food delivery operations, leadership, bartending for beginners, sustainable food practices, customer (experiential) service, Covid-19 hygiene and cleaning, and many more. 


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