Best Waterfalls in Kathmandu Valley- Chasing waterfalls

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Are you obsessed with the waterfalls and searching for the best waterfalls in Kathmandu? If yes, then we are here with the best waterfalls in Kathmandu that you shouldn’t miss out on during monsoon season.

What is monsoon about? It is sure that it rains all day long. Living in Kathmandu, the water-filled potholes, no drainage system, and the whole monsoon season will get you on your nerves. But the positive side is the greenery, gloomy days, early bright morning, clean and shiny trees of the surrounding mountains and not to forget the waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls near Kathmandu that you can easily travel in a day.

Best Waterfalls in Kathmandu Valley/Waterfalls Near Kathmandu

Like you guys, we also absolutely love chasing waterfalls. That is the best thing about the monsoon season here in Nepal. There are hidden waterfalls in Kathmandu. You must have probably known all of them through social media sites. Even if you are not we have a collection of the best waterfalls in Kathmandu.

Simba Falls

Simba Falls is located in Manikhel which is just 40km away from Kathmandu. The village is home to Tamang people which is located above 2000 meters. Simba waterfall is cold water and that’s why Tamang people called it Simba Falls. You need to walk about 30 minutes to 1 hour from the last vehicle stop to reach the waterfalls. The waterfall and surrounding green environment will surely give you peace and pleasure. The view from the top of the Manikhel is also amazing.



You probably heard Jhor waterfalls. It is the most popular and best waterfall in Kathmandu valley. Situated in Tokha, Mahankal, it is around 45 minute to 1-hour drive from Kathmandu. There is also a Baundeshwor temple and cave which has further enhanced the beauty of the Jhor waterfalls. It is perfect for a picnic as well.

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Tindhare Jharna

Who wouldn’t know Tindhara Jharna? It gained so much popularity from TikTok and also called “Bahubali Jharna”. It is 60 Km away from Kathmandu valley and takes around 7 to 10 hours total ride from Kathmandu to Kafaldada. The road is bumpy, muddy, and slippery. After reaching kafal Danda, you need to hike for around 1 hour to reach the Tindhare Jharna. The height of the Tindhare Jharna waterfall is 300m. You can either go on a motorbike or a 4wd vehicle.

Route- Kathmandu- Dhulikhel- Namobudhha- Dapcha – Pangu – Kafal dada – Tindhare Jharana


Nagarkot is one of the most popular hill stations in Kathmandu which lies just 25 km away from Kathmandu. It is a popular spot for mountain sightseeing (stretching from Lantang Range, Everest, to Mt. Kanchenjunga), sunrise, and sunset. Road to Nagarkot Jharna is a bit bumpy. Once you reach Jalpadevi temple, you need to hike for around 30 minutes. The place is surrounded by lush green forest.

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Shivapuri is the nearest hill surrounding Kathmandu Valley. Located just 12km away from Kathmandu, Shivapuri is popular for its lush green forest, peaceful environment, and the perfect place for city lights. It is the most popular hiking and cycling trail.  You can hike up to Bishnudwar, Baghdwar, Shivapuri Peak, or Hills and nagi Gumba. But there is a hidden waterfall in Shivapuri. Once you reach the main trail that leads to Bishnudwar, you will hear the sound of the waterfall. Instead of climbing uphill to Bishnuswar, take a downhill trail and you will reach Shivapuri’s hidden waterfall. Reaching there is quite risky as it is located downhill and it trail is slippery. You can say there is no trial at all. But, if you are good at navigating the trail, you can easily reach there from Jhamchen Gumba.

Khulekhani (Thado Khola Jharna)

Very few people know about this khulekhani or Thado Khola Jharna. It is 33.2 km from Kathmandu which lies in the Markhu, Khulekhani. You can either take a route from Blakhu to Pharphing to Khulekhani or from Thankot to Chandragiri Hill to Markhu. The trail is very beautiful you can see Kathmandu valley,  Indrasarowar, lush forest, and mountains too.

Sundarijal Waterfall

Most of you have already been there or know about Sundarijal waterfall Jharna. Sundarijal Jharna is 7 km away from Kathmandu valley. It lies inside the Shivapuri area. You can directly reach there or also hike from Shivapuri as well. Sundarijal is famous for its waterfall, rivers, and water reservoir. It is the best place for hiking and picnic too. This Sundarijal waterfall is also popular for canyoning but can be done under the provision of experts. You can also visit the Sundari Mai temple.


So, what are you waiting for? Go to these best waterfalls in Kathmandu in this monsoon season and indulge yourself in the beauty of nature.

Cover Photo By: Aayush Theeng Tamang

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