Flip on The Cliff

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Life after the pandemic has been one of the peculiar things that have ensued in everyone’s lives. It has been more than 2,3 months, life around the world going back to ‘new normal.’ We don’t think We can call this normal when we are thinking twice before entering our favorite café, restaurant, shopping mall because there are more than 2 people, or we choose to walk on foot rather than taking a public bus because we are afraid of being contaminated by the virus. We might forget to do other things before going out but we never leave our room without a mask and sanitizer. People started enjoying the new normal.  For us, the post effect of lockdown was harsh. For 3-4 months, our team tried to be as active as possible. We tried everything We wanted to, well almost everything that We had on our bucket list. From making videos to posting, we did everything that we could think of, keeping ourselves as busy as possible and trying our best to stay positive. However, in these busy days as well, even when there were moments when our heart was filled with joy and pure happiness, we always felt hollow inside, like something was missing, a part of my soul. We realized we were missing traveling. It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone, but adventure is all about getting out of your comfort zone and we were out for our most daring phase. We all were seeking a thrilling adventure this time. So, we chose The Cliff Nepal. 

Day 1 

This journey marks the fondness of freedom. Exploration was the main agenda. We packed our bags for the journey. Time to head out to explore Nepal. 9:00 AM was the supposed meet-up time, but we met each other after 1 hour. The fact we all want to get out of the city and explore. We all were on the way. We decided to take shots of nature in the way we started to take photos and videos. We finally reached  Pokhara. Pokhara is a piece of heaven. It is also an exciting valley in Nepal. We all were worn out but we were close to nature and we were feeling fresh. This day’s location was Raniban Retreat. We were new in Pokhara city. We took out our phones and started to search the location of Raniban. The road condition was a bit dangerous but we reached the Raniban Retreat. They warmly welcomed us. The night view was wearing the colors of the essence. We had our dinner. We relish the night view. We had a small reflection session while having our dinner. 

Morning View from Raniban Retreat
Morning View from Raniban Retreat. Photo: Rohit Giri

Day 2 

Morning brings a new gleaming, It feels like everything is so satisfying and new, the morning sunshine through the curtains of Raniban was marvelous. When it started to shine with its sun rays it looked miraculous. Witnessing this beautiful daybreak can bring joy into your tedious life. It doesn’t cost anything to observe a sunrise. Eating breakfast boosts our energy level so we, team stayed together and had our breakfast. We had our breakfast in the lap of the Himalayas. We had a short interview with the staff of the raniban retreat. We packed our bags  and we were ready to go. We were so focused on driving the bike because it was a new route for us. We recalled many moments while riding. We stopped in the middle of the road to take a rest and to have our lunch. The road was under construction so we had to stay in a jam for some minutes. We were confused about the location so we used google maps for it. Finally, we reached The Cliff Nepal; our excitement level was more than 100 %.  For some reasons, we were not allowed to enter. The reason was the team was preparing the bungee rope. While making the rope the bridge shouldn’t shake. So, every person was stuck outside the cliff. We waited for more than one hour. Finally, after one hour we had our tickets. We all were so tired, but we all were so excited to walk through the Kusma bridge. After crossing the bridge, we finally reached  The Cliff Nepal Resort. All the members over there welcomed us so delightfully. So, we moved towards our room and we started to freshen ourselves up. The place was so welcoming. After some time we had a short meeting with our team and Ishwor dai from the cliff. It was a special feeling when Ishwor dai was with us at the same table waiting for dinner. We had our dinner and we had planned to have a campfire so we went to the campfire place. Our team has made a plan to take an interview with Ishwor dai. We started having formal conversations with dai. We talked about the resort, bungee, swing, and other thrilling adventures. The Cliff Nepal was a “Dream Project “that was established in 2070 and went on the floor from 2073. We had some fear about bungee and swing but dai explained about the safety measure. As stated by , “ Success is not the destination but it’s a journey.” The team of The Cliff Nepal will be successful. After some talks, we went to our tent. 

Day 3 

We woke up at 5:30 AM. We all were waiting for sunrise. It was a thrilling day for us. We were having bungee and swing. We filled the form. At 10 am we were allowed to go inside the capsule. And they gave us every detail and instruction.  Among 4, we 3 did cannon swing and one did a bungee jump. 

Personal feelings

Hemanta Bhandari 

From the moment I walked towards the resort through the suspension bridge which is above 228m  above the river Kali Gandaki. I was so scared of the jump. It was my 3rd time but I was agitated and waiting my turn to jump. When my turn came, I smiled fearlessly and went forward. I stood at the edge, my heart was in my mouth. I jumped and it was an extraordinary experience. The fear gave me pleasure and I was brave enough so I did bungee. 

Rupesh lekhak
I’d signed up for canyon swinging. I had never been adventurous before. We got there, signed up, found ourselves on a capsule, waiting our turn to jump. When my turn came, I grinned bravely and went forward and the master shared me each and everything. It was an extraordinary experience once in the air. 

Abcon Budhathoki
I was scared but the guys made me feel like I could do it. The jump was really fun! It is incredible. Yes, it’s scary but so worth it. I made it a great moment of my life. I enjoyed the thrill of freefall and it was staggering.

Sunila Dhungel
I was a girl who was afraid of heights some month back. I was motivating myself, I was making myself psychologically strong. It was the time to decide my ability for myself. It’s an emotional adventure for me rather than a physical one. It was my first adventurous journey. Ishwor dai pushed me with his words to go a small step beyond what you thought was possible. I imagined and questioned myself whether or not it was safe, would the ropes hold, etc, but all my fear fell away when I listened to each safety measure. Strangely, all fears conquer the moment I jumped. The drop was amazing. It was astonishing. 

 The thrilling adventure is calling you. Why not doing it with an amazing team? They are fun-loving, experienced, skilled people and make you feel as relaxed as possible. You won’t be disappointed! You’ll have a blast! Thanks, team for a great fun experience. Thankyou Raniban Retreat and The Cliff Nepal. Also, a big salute to the awesome team! The Cliff Nepal team is doing an amazing job there. We will come back one day and do sky cycling. 

Article  By: Sunila Dhungel

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