Best Places for One Night Stay Near Kathmandu

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If you need some refreshment from your busy life and searching for the best places for one night stay near Kathmandu, you are in the right place.

Kathmandu is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by hills and green forest making it the most suitable place to live on. But this place is hectic and chaotic too as all people are busy with their own life. Dusty road and the sounds of vehicles makes you want to enjoy some clean air, a peaceful place with beautiful views and a cool ambience. Thank these places to visit near Kathmandu for a night stay.

Best Places for One Night Stay Near Kathmandu

These are the most famous places that you’ve probably known. Make your weekend without a list of the best places fo one-night stay near Kathmandu.


Nagarkot- best places for one night stay near Kathmandu

Nagarkot is one of the best places for one night stay near Kathmandu. Being the perfect place for sunset, sunset, and Himalayan range, Nagarkot has an exhilarating dose of nature and breathtaking vistas. It is one of the short breaks from the chaotic Kathmandu city and last-minute weekend plans. In winter, you can also enjoy snowfall and snuggle up in bonfires. Since it is the hill station, the temperatures are quite cooler and chilling. You can also roam around for short hikes where you can observe beautiful dense forests, dams, and even waterfalls. Nagarkot has budget-friendly to luxurious hotels.

How far is Nagarkot from Kathmandu?

Nagarkot is 32km far from Kathmandu. You can either take a private vehicle or a public bus.


Dhulikhel, Nepal8thwonder, best places for one night stay near Kathmandu

Just an hour’s drive from Kathmandu, Dhulikhel is a must-go place for nature lovers. It is perfect for a quick gateway from your busy life. You can also hike to Namobuddha, Panauti, Banepa, Balthali, and even Nagarkot. From Namobuddha, you see the exponential view of the Himalayan range. If you are an adventure lover, you can also go for Dhulikhel Zipline. There are dozens of hotels and resorts, so you do not have to worry about the accommodation.

How far is Dhulikhel from Kathmandu?

Dhulikhel is just 27km from Kathmandu. You can easily reach there by private or public vehicles.

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Khulekhani- Nepal8thwonder

Khulekhani is one of the places to visit near Kathmandu for night’s stay. It is rock hill damn generating hydroelectricity. Since it is also called Indra Sarovar, a man-made lake. From there you can visit Chitlang or Markhu. because of this peaceful environment, surrounding hills, fishing, and boating, the place has been getting popular day by day. You can just roll in the green fields and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. There are plenty of hiking trails, Thado Khola waterfall, plenty of accommodation options that one can chill in the good vibes.

How far is Khulekhani from kathmandu?

Khulekhani is 46.9 km far from Kathmandu valley. it takes a 2-3 hours ride from Kathmandu. You can take a private vehicle to get there.


Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri hill is one of the best Places for One Night Stay Near Kathmandu. Situated in the north of the Kathmandu valley, you can see the pristine view of a mountain range from the peak. Since it lies in the Shivapuri National Park, you can hike around and spend a night in the hotels or cottages. There are numerous waterfalls that one can enjoy in the rainy season. This area is also filled with hiking trails. You can go down to Sundarijal from Mulkharkha, or hike to Nagi Gumba, Bishudwar, Bagdwar, and Shivpuri peak. The choice is yours. But it is better to stay a night there as the peaceful environment and cool breeze will surely refresh your mind.

How far is Shivapuri from kathmandu?

Shivapuri is just 45 minutes drive.

Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hills- Nepal8thwonder

Chandragiri Hills is the hill station that lies in the southwestern part of Kathmandu. It has an altitude of 551 meters from sea level. You can reach Chandragiri via cable car, driving, or hiking. It takes around 9-14 minutes to reach Chandragiri hill in a cable car. The main destination is the hilltop from where you can see the Annapurna range stretching up to the Everest range, Kathmandu valley in its lap, and Citlang village on the other side. This best place for one night stay near Kathmandu is also a famous hiking destination. You can walk around the forest, or hike down to Chitlang or Thankot village. It is also perfect for layouts it is easily reachable. You can spend the night in Chandragiri Hills Resort and enjoy the city lights and night view of Kathmandu valley.

How far is Chandragiri Hills from Kathmandu?

Fron Thankot, Kathmandu, Chandragiri Hills is just 7km away. It takes 9-14 minutes to reach Chandragiri hill in a cable car, 3-4 hours if you are hiking and 1-hour off-road drive to reach there.

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best places for one night stay near Kathmandu

Kakani lies in the northwest region of Kathmandu. It is the old hill station is famous for hiking, cycling, and picnic spot. From the hilltop, you can witness the spectacular landscapes, Dhaulagiri Range, Annapurna, Manaslu, stretching up to the Langtang range. It keeps you away from the hustle-bustle of Kathmandu and rejuvenates your mind. You can also camp there and make your weekend gateway worthy.

How far is Kakani from Kathmandu?

Kakani is 24 kilometers far from Kathmandu.


Chisapani is the hill station that lies in the northern part of Kathmandu. it lies in the Shivapuri National and is also a gateway to the Langtang region. This area is home to the lush green dense forest, waterfall, scenic view of mountains. If you walk a little further, there is a hidden pond called dhaap (small pond). It starts from Sundarijal, and you will be walking uphill till you reach the destination. you can add a day extra and hike to Nagarkot village too.

How far is Chisapani from Kathmandu?

Chisapani is 20.7km from Kathmandu.


Daman lies in Hana Municipality, Makwanpur District of Nepal. It is one of the best places near Kathmandu for night stay. It is a 2-hour ride in a private vehicle and around 3-4 hours in a public vehicle. Daman is worth visiting. Elevated at the height of 2,322 meters above seas level, the place offers an amazing view of the Himalayan range. you can also do activities like hiking, cycling, rock climbing, a fishing trip to Kulekhani, a pony ride, etc. In winder, Daman will become a snow wonderland. It attracts any local tourists to play with snowflakes and snow.

How far is Daman from kathmandu?

Daman is 80km far from Kathmandu.

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