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Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan

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In our session of Community Destinations, we are back with the Barauli Community Homestay that lies in the Chitwan. Being close to Chitwan National park, Barauli Community Homestay makes your trip more adventurous.

About Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan

Barauli Community Homestay is one of the best community Homestays in Nepal. This community homestay is run by the local women of the Tharu Community that have encouraged their valuable skills, confidence and garnered an independent source of income. Situated in the heart of the Chitwan, each of the Barauli Community Homestay has a private cottage, painted with traditional art that resemblance Tharu Community and Culture.

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Main Attraction of Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan

Tharu Culture and Tradition

Barauli is home to indigenous ethnic groups of the Terai, the Tharu people called Koth aria or Dangaha Tharus. They have their own culture, tradition, architecture, cuisine, and language. Tharu people are very welcoming and friendly. Likewise, you will get to taste or eat delicious Tharu Cuisine too. Moreover, all the cottages are carved and decorated with the Tharu arts and paintings reflecting their art which has been in existence for a very long.

In the evening local Tharu people perform Tharu Cultural performance by showcasing their traditional dress. They perform Bhajayati, Thekara, and Dafu dances. You can also join them too.

Jungle Safari

Jeep Safari_Sarthak (5)

One of the best parts of Barauli Community Homestay in Nepal is Jungle Safari/Ride. Being close to Chitwan National Park, you will go for a jungle ride through the Chitwan National Park. You can spot nine one-horned rhinoceros, 600 giant animals, and birds.


Barauli Community Homestay- Sunset

Sunset in Terai is something that you should watch once in your lifetime. Terai is very plain and you can see the never-ending land, you can see an unobstructed view of blood-orange Sunset from the Narayani River. Make yourself comfortable at the bank of the Narayani River, and indulge yourself in the power and beauty of mother’s nature.

Canoe on Narayani River

Another highlight of Barauli Community Homestay Nepal is the canoe ride on the Narayani River. It is very peaceful and calming. You will slowly pass the shores of the Narayani rivers where you can spot amazing birds and crocodiles.

Cycling or Guided Village Walk

Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan

While staying in a homestay in Nepal, you can either take a guided bicycle ride or walk around the village. There you will roam around the locality and also meet the people living in the area. Apart from that, you will also learn about their culture and lifestyle.

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Best Time to Visit Barauli Community Homestay

The best time to visit Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan is between October and February. This time the weather is cool or warm but not uncomfortably hot. Your chances of spotting wildlife, including tigers, are best between January and March, when tall grass is cut, improving visibility.

How far is Barauli from Kathmandu?

Barauli is 190 km from Kathmandu. It only takes about 5 hours to drive by private vehicle and 6-7 hours on Public Transport.

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