The Last Resort – The Perfect Place for Adventure Lovers

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The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi, Nepal is one of the favorite destinations for adventurous lovers around the world. Situated in Bhotekoshi above the gorge of the Bhotekoshi river which lies in the Nepal/Tibet border, The Last Resort is packed with adrenaline-fuelled activities.

Set in the middle of the wider terrace slope, the Last resort Nepal is super calming as it is widely surrounded by dense forest. There are huts that are craved with the local stones, wood, and slate. And also there are plenty of tents scattered all around the premise to make your stay super chilling and adventurous. More than that, to make your adventure staycation more luxurious, this resort in Bhotekhosi consists of bars, restaurants, a book reading space, and many more. Apart from that, the Last Resort is the hub for adventurers, so it is a great opportunity to make friends too.

Things to do in The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi Nepal

Bungy or Bungee Jumping in The Last Resort Bhotekoshi

Bungy or Bungee Jumping in the last resort is one of the first bungee jumping in Nepal and also the second-highest bungee jumping in Nepal. You will be jumping from the 160m high tropical gorges, with one of Nepal’s wildest rivers, the Bhotekoshi river raging below.


Canyoning is something that is talked about very less but it is also one of the toughest adventure sport. Being at a high altitude, you will be abseiling, jumping, and sliding down in the wild, steep canyon and waterfalls to deep pools below. It is a thrilling experience where you get to explore the hidden cascading waterfalls nearby The Last Resort. Before taking you to the main 45m longest waterfalls, first, they will start instructing you on the abseiling technique in the first waterfalls.


Swing in the Last Resort in Nepal is adventure-filled and gravity-defying adrenaline where you will be jumping from the 160 m high, and 100 m freefall, with the arch of 240 m, at the speed of 150 km/h. Wow, isn’t it exhilarating? You can also jump together with your loved ones and make your swinging experience more memorable. It is called tandem Swing. The main reason for initiating Tandem Swing is to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones.

White Water Rafting

Bhotekoshi River Rafting is very adventurous rafting in Nepal. The thrilling Bhotekoshi will surely and its a great adrenaline rush to raft in the deadliest Bhotekoshi River. The current, rapid and the chilling water will surely rush your body as the roller coaster plummeted down the track.


If you have time, you can hike around the top hills nearby The Last Resort. It is a great experience to observe the community.

The Last Resort Nepal Price

Activity day tripsNprIndian+chineseForeignerExtrasNpr
bungy or swing day trip7500bungy or swing only6300
bungy & swing day trip9500extra bungy or swing3400
tandem day trip (per two people)12000tandem only (per two people)10200
canyoning day trip6050canyoning [day 1]4600
rafting day trip300040005000canyoning [day 2]9300
bungy & canyoning trip10450sauna600
go & see day trip2000
Overnight PackagesNprRelax (no transport)Npr
relax at the resort (1 night)AP (3 meals)4350
relax & bungy or swing (1 night)11400MAP (2 meals)3400
relax and tandem (1 night per two people)19,800BB (1 meal)2600
relax & rafting (1 night / 1 day)814082509000Lunch only800
relax & rafting & bungy (1 night)14400
relax & canyoning (1 night / 1 day)9000Rates mentioned are per person
relax & canyoning (1 nights / 2 days)18300Activity day trips include transport and lunch and bungy or swing only includes lunch
relax & canyoning & bungy (1 night)15000Overnight packages include transport, accommodation and all meals
Accommodation is in 2 person tents and 4 person tents for groups and families

The Last Resort Booking

How to reach the Last Resort Nepal?

The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi, Nepal is around a 100 km drive from Kathmandu. It is just on the other side of the highway that connects Nepal with Tibet and you need to cross the suspension bridge (from where you will bungee and swing) across the canyon to go to the resort.

The transportation facilities are included in your booking fee and they will provide the round-trip shuttle bus transportation from 6 am from The Last Resort’s office Thamel.

The Last Resort Contact Number



Email –

Location (Office) :

The Last Resort Sales Office
Mandala Street, Thamel, Kathmandu

What is The Last Resort Bunjee Height?

The Last Resort Bunjee Height is 160m high.

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