Sandakpur East Series Part 2 – A journey till Shree Antu, Ilam

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What’s up my dear readers? Firstly, I would you to say sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. Last week, we shared our experiences from our journey from Kathmandu to Janakpur. We really had a good time. The view was amazing and the sunset was something that I would never forget till my existence.

This time in our Sandakpur East Series, I am going to share how we felt went we reached Shree Antu.

After ending our stay at Janakpur we headed towards Bardibas. It took us half hour to reach there. We were so keen to know what really Sandakpur was, we ended our day over there in Bardibas, promising ourselves to begin our journey towards Sandakpur.

We are following Sandakpur, make sure that you follow us. With a promise to take you on a Journey to Sandakpur, we are back with the next session of our Sandakpur series.

A quick reminder, in the last episode we toured the historic Janaki temple and tasted the sweet lassi and betel of the lassi outlet ” Hum Yehi Peete Hain “.

Day 3 Bardibas to Urlabari

Janakpur city has a place in my heart. Cherishing all the memories we had in Janakpur, we went towards Illam. The vast geography of Terai is spread far and wide. It is something we don’t see in Kathmandu. This beautiful geography of the Terai was our companion until we reached Ilam.

We planned to explore Barmajiya and Koshi Barrage on the way.

When we travel in what seems like an endless path of terai, it feels like we have embarked on an endless journey but the truth is, as the journey of life, the journey of terai will definitely stop at some point. That point for us is Sandakpur. There were greens everywhere.

We were so hungry that decided to have lunch. But there was nothing except Peda. We didn’t have any other choice rather than having those. Alas, we ate Peda. Peda from that place is really tasty. I always take them while traveling to my hometown or returning to Kathmandu. So, I would like to recommend this place for my loving reader, if you are traveling towards the East, you should not miss Pedas. After having it, we headed towards Koshi Barrage.

The journey was so full of enthusiasm, even my teammates were enjoying every fresh air of the Eastern region. They were playing the ukulele in the Toyota Hilux and indulging themselves in what nature had showered upon them.

Koshi Barrage

Koshi Barrage is one of the most important bridges on the East-West Highway. This bridge connecting Saptari and Sunsari districts was built in 1958 after the Koshi Treaty of 1954 between the Government of Nepal and the Government of India. The barrage has 56 gates that are opened and closed depending on the flow of water. Koshi
Barrage is also a major attraction for people traveling along the East-West Highway.

After crossing the Koshi Barrage and traveling for a while, we reached to Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Environment of State No. 1 at Biratnagar. A welcome program was organized for us at the office. They thanked us for visiting amidst such a pandemic.

We reached Pathari. This is my hometown. I was born and raised over there. Remember in part 1 of our blog, I told you whom I met in the upcoming vlog. There I met my mother and my sister. My world, my universe, and my everything thing. I was very happy and emotional at the same time. Just standing in front of them gave me the happiness of the entire world. I felt emotional too because I would not be able to spend every day with them. I gave them some presents and they wished me best wishes for my journey to Sanadkpur. It was hard to say bye to them, but what else can I do.


We reached Urlabari. We were supposed to stay at Birtamode, but we got invited to Everest Restaurant and
Bar so we changed our plan.

We met some guys Subash, Prashin and this is Anil. Those guys were working to promote east Nepal, especially Province 1. They were promoting destinations in the east through Instagram, and TikTok. I really want to thank them for this blog.

They welcomed us with the cake. I felt so blessed after receiving a love shown by the people from eastern Nepal. No one has ever welcomed us this way to this day. What Nepal 8th wonder is today is because of the love of people like them. We expect the same love from everyone for the rest of our lives and we promise that in the days to come we will appear to you with even better videos and destinations.

After freshen up, we sat for some good talks. We had been traveling and traveling and hadn’t got any chances for some good night talks with the team and the other members. We opened our Yarchagumba who has been our traveling companion for a very long. The sound of the Ukulele and our voice was blended well. With some old Nepali songs and Hindi, we called off our night. That was how we spent our night over there. It was a night to remember.

Day 4 Urlabari to Kanyam

Urlabari, East Nepal

Good Morning from Urlabri. Our journey for that day was Shreeantu. Shree Antu was about a 3-4 hours drive from here. I grew up in this area. I never thought my hometown would ever see that type of hotel. The hospitality and Accommodation are really good there.

Without wasting our time, we headed on our journey. The road was busy and we could see different types of people. They were quite amazed when we used to capture their videos but once they caught our eyes they couldn’t stop themselves from posing.

East Series Sandakpur
East Nepal

It was so hot that all of us were searching for some cool places. During the journey, we stopped for a while at Birtamod for food and proceeded towards Ilam via Charali. After a short journey, we were about to be greeted by a mountain breeze.

Terai Region East Nepal
Terai Region East Nepal

As we proceeded from Charali, we were greeted by a wide tea garden in the Terai. We proceeded towards Ilam, enjoying the straight Terai road. After a short journey from Charali, we entered Ilam district and begun a mountain path filled with fog.

Nepal8thwonder Team Enjoying the Journey

As we all were soaked up without sweat, it really felt so super chilling when we touched the mountain region. we enjoyed that weather and my teammates were poping their half body out from the Toyota Hilux to feel the cool breeze and environment.

The view was breathtaking and everything was surreal.

Illam Sandakpur East Series
Ilam Sandakpur East Series

Just as a newlywed woman hides her face in a veil, when we arrived, Ilam was covering her face with a veil of fog. Even after traveling for a while, Ilam was probably shy with us, so she was reluctant to take off her veil. Just as the bridegroom finds not only the face of the bride but also the veil worn by the bride beautiful, we also found the veil of the fog that covered Ilam very beautiful.

Fog in Illam Sandakpur East


Kanyam- Ilam- East Series
Kanyam- Ilam- East Series

Kanyam is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Ilam district. Thousands of tourists visit here every year to see the beauty of green, tea-planted hills, the pine trees lined upon them, and to forget the scorching heat of the Terai.

Kanyam- illam- Sanadakpur

Looking closely at Kanyam gives us the impression of seeing a beautiful painting. It seems as if God has commissioned his most skilled painter to paint the picture of Kanyam. We were very delighted to be a small part of that painting. It is enough to take the land of Kanyam to fill the mind with joy. Stepping on the soil of Kanyam only
is enough to fill our hearts with Joy. Looking over the Milkyway Galaxy, we end our day with our hearts full of happiness.

Milkyway Galaxy- Kanyam
Milkyway Galaxy- Kanyam

Day -5 Kanyam – Shree Antu- Kanyam

Kanyam- Ilam- Sandakpur-East Series
Kanyam- Ilam- Sandakpur-East Series

The next morning we woke up in the lap of the green tea garden. Early morning, when we saw the beautiful scenery of Ilam coved by fog. Our heart was singing a famous song sung by Yam Baral named Badalu ko Ghumtole.

The weather was a bit gloomy and cold, we wanted to eat something hot for our breakfast. So, we heard that Ilam is very famous for Thukpa because they provide you a special paste of aka bare Chilly that goes best with Thukpa.

After having the famous Tukpa as our breakfast, we headed towards Shree Antu. If you are planning to visit Ilam please don’t forget to grab a bowl of Thukpa.

Toyota Hilux-Shree Antu East Nepal

Traveling with the 8th wonder team has given us an opportunity to learn a lot of new things. We are bonding greatly. I really can’t wait to visit other places in Nepal in upcoming days.

Shree Antu

Shree Antu- East Series- Nepal8thwonder
Shree Antu

Shree Antu is one of the famous tourist destinations as it offers the best sunrise view in Nepal. Hundreds of people visit here early morning during the tourist season to see the sunrise, as well as for boating in the Antu Pond. A view tower has also been constructed at this place to watch the sunrise.

Shree Antu- Antu Pokhari
Shree Antu- Antu Pokhari

After 2 hours of riding, we finally reached Shree Antu. Due to the pandemic and increasing cases, we could not stay there, but we will be capturing the beauty of Antu because it is one of the major tourist destinations in the east.

It was really beautiful. I felt lost somewhere when seeing such a hidden beauty in the Eastern Part of Nepal. I got so excited that I fell so badly. I somehow manage to broke my teammates record.

Shree Antu
Shree Antu

We went towards Antu Viewpoint.

The road to Antu View Point was short yet very attractive. The unpaved road dug in the middle of the Pine forest, gave the impression that a beautiful destination was approaching.

Antu-Viewpoint, Shree Antu, Sandakpur

We reached Antu Viewpoint. The beauty of the pine forests and the beauty of white fog, seen from Antu Danda,
were many times better than what we can see on a computer screen. Please come and see for yourself once whenever possible.

After having lunch (which was late), we returned back to Kanyam. We just spend the night sitting together in a bonfire, talking, laughing, singing, and warming our bodies with Yarchagumba Whiskey.

Yarchagumba Whiskey

We have come a long way passing Sindhuli, Bardibas, Janakpur, Pathari, Urlabari, and Antu dada in the course of traveling to Sandakpur.

Our journey to Sandakpur will again resume. Please don’t complain that we made you wait for two long episodes just to show Sandakpur.

Few more days of waiting and Sandakpur will be available in everyone’s hand. Have patience and as the result of hard work always comes out good, the result of a few day’s patience will be the same. This is my promise to you.

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