Newari Foods from Nepal

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Traditional Newari Foods from Nepal

What is a Newari Food?

The food prepared traditionally by the Newari people esp. of Kathmandu Valley. These foods are very unique to any other ethnic people from other parts of Nation. It is extremely spicy and has got unique attributes.

Newari Foods from Nepal
Newari Foods from Nepal

What is included in traditional Newari food found in Kathmandu Valley?

If you are here in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal you must taste these foods. If you walk into any Newari restaurant in Kathmandu you could see these items with all these photographs as individual dishes. 

Here are some must try Newari foods:

Chatamari: It’s a type of Nepali pizza without cheese , a rice kabab or pizza like base filled with lentils and chill.

Buff Chilli: It’s very hot, spicy and yummy buffalo meat.

Sanan : It’s a kind of pickle, Vegetables pickled with chilli.

Choila: It’s a spicy meat, either roasted or grilled.

Bhatmas: It’s a dry and roasted soya beans including hot chilli powder and onions.

Beaten rice : It’s a flattened rice in the centre.

What does traditional Newari food taste like?

Just in simple words, “Yummy, hot; in fact very hot and spicy”. These Newari foods are cooked with no surrender from the heat. Chatamari is like eating a Nepali pizza. It’s every bite is very tasty.

Buff Chilli is so common all over the Nepal. But here Newari tradition makes if more hot and spicy with all new ingredients. Choila is not too much spicy it’s surprisingly flavoured, much like well cooked meat.

Bhatmas, as we all know it’s a hard, crunchy grain like substance filled with spices, chilli and usually eaten with Sanan which is also filled with chilli and vegetables pickle. Now flattened rice makes your dish more eatable and tastes like a flakes of a paper, so nice. All the locals here in Kathmandu Valley love it.

So , if you are here in Kathmandu and looking for spicy foods, give Newari food a try!

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