10 Amazing Photo Manipulations By A Nepalese Artist That Will Make You Surprised

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Mohan Gurung, 25 years old self-taught digital artist and a photographer from Nepal, currently living in Finland says ” I was always interested in photography and editing but I started creating visuals only from the beginning of 2018.  Past 2 years I got so heavily into creating that it was all i did. Everywhere I go either I was doing it through phone or from my laptop. It helps me escape from mental stress and anxiety. I love to travel to new places, dwell in nature and experience the beauty of different places. I find nature a relaxing, magical and healing place and love to spend time in nature. With the help of my content I want to inspire people to be happy, to travel more, appreciate everything they have and take nothing as granted and live a joyous spectacular life. Thank you for stopping by and reading my words. I hope you find some answers and relief. ”

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10 Amazing Photo Manipulations By Mohan Gurung

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