7 Female Travellers of Nepal you should be following on Instagram

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Instagram has hands-down taken the top position when it comes to sharing compelling images and videos from around the world, focussed on travel, adventure, food, and more. Taking a cue from that, we are going to showcase 7 Female Travellers of Nepal you should be following on Instagram. Keep scrolling to know these inspiring travellers. Going through their feed will give you much-needed inspiration to travel and explore. We suggest, follow us on Instagram (if you haven’t already)

Here are 10 Female travellers of Nepal Instagram accounts that show you authentic Nepal and its natural beauty.

Here is the list of 7 Female Travellers of Nepal you should be following on Instagram

Purnima Shrestha @purnima_sth

Born and raised in Gorkha, home to Mount Manaslu, Purnima Shrestha is a leading female climber of Nepal. She started her mountaineering career from Mount Manaslu—the eighth mountain of the world. After first successful ascend of technical mountain without any formal training and instruction she moved to Everest region to try the Mount Everest in the spring of 2018. And she climbed climber the Everest, the world’s highest peak.

This gave her more power and confidence to prove her excellence in the climbing sector. To prove the same, she opted to climb Mount Ama Dablam. She was successful to scale Ama Dablam too in autumn of 2019. Purnima was set to scale Mount Annapurna I in the spring of 2020. Due to nationwide lockdown enforced to contain coronavirus her Annapurna mission is now on hold.

Apart from mountaineering skills, Purnima has learned photography skills. Her photos have been published in The New York Times and local national media outlets of Nepal. Crossing the Great Himalayan Trail.

Prasna Dongol @prasna22

Prasna is a Documentary filmmaker and photographer by trade, hiker, backpacker by heart. Famously known as “Dolpa Diary girl” or “Dolpa ma harayeko keti“, she believes that the world has a lot to offer and the mountains have even more. Hence she ventures out whenever possible in order to experience a new world and help keep her own life in perspective.

It all began in 2012 when she returned to Nepal, she decided that it was time for her to focus on her health: physical, mental, and spiritual. That’s when she made a commitment to get outside every weekend, even if it was raining. She knew it was crucial for her to connect with nature to relieve the stress of living in a city like Kathmandu. But what she didn’t realise was how much this commitment to the outdoors would change her life. Fast forward 8 years, she has never been proud and humble for what she’s accomplished so far. 

Every time shes’ back from an adventure, she has few new experiences in her pocket and a lot of stories to share. And then there’s also the blissful exhaustion. She says, life has very few moments when you are happy to be tired, when you’re thrilled to carry a heavy backpack, for miles, being hungry, in need of a shower, having an occasional breakdown and blisters here and there. and yet, you are happiest than ever. At the end of a long day trek when you see the whole sky, you realise every sunset is different and every sunset is beautiful. And you’re at your spiritual best witnessing how the sky goes from blue to pink and purple. You feel like you’re the happiest girl on the planet and you would walk twice as far to witness that again. And this is what makes her want to travel again and again.

Through her photographs and stories, she aims to promote places which are little known to the outside world. Nepal is a beautiful country with various terrain all over. 

Her aim is to travel all parts of Nepal but at times, she finds herself silently hoping it will never end- the exploring and finding.

Neesha Khaling @khalingphoto

Neesha Khaling Rai, 22 yr old, currently working as a freelance photographer/filmmaker. She has been taking photographs since 2012 but started working professionally since 2018. She says “I’m super stoked to be a part of this “female travellers of Nepal” list that is chosen by Nepal8thwonder. So, for me it was not a new thing to travel and go on a trek because I’ve always been trekking back and forth with my dad since a very young age, I actually started photography because I used to go out a lot and it kinda clicked onto me back then. In 2012 after my SLC I went on a trek to Solukhumbu for about 2 months and that was when I really felt like I wanted to travel for the rest of my life, and since that day I spend most of the money that I’ve earned traveling places.”

So far She has only been to 20 districts in Nepal but she plans on traveling the whole country before she turns 30. She says “The thing about traveling that is most addicting to me is you never get to see the same thing again and you get to experience different feelings, different emotions that kinda teaches you to be more wise and more understanding, it heals your mind and soul. I think traveling is like eating food you’ll never get full of. You’ll inhale the landscapes, the culture, the people when you travel and that will remain as a beautiful memory for your life that you’ll remember.”

Priyanka Shrestha @priyanka_shrestha

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Priyanka Shrestha, 20, is passionate about travel and adventure. In October 2017, she travelled to Rara with her best friend. They (both 17-year-old-girls) were brave enough to travel that far from Kathmandu on their own leaving their comfort zone. That journey and the sparkling, pristine blue and green water of Rara inspired her in an unprecedented way. She strongly believes that— traveling helps us to learn who we are. Travel opens our eyes. It gives us perspective while exploring new places, meeting new people, and living new experiences. For her, travel is about transcendence, about losing oneself in the moment and finding alive. As a lifelong learner, she always aims to constantly add new experiences, memories, and perspectives to her life through travel.

She is always fascinated and captivated by the clouds and she equally loves chasing the sunsets. Nature gives her the greatest happiness and joy. So far, she managed to travel to Nepal (including Api-Nampa Conservation Area, Khaptad National Park, Bardiya National park, Chitwan National Park, Terai region from East to West, Annapurna Circuit, Mardi Himal Base Camp, Poon Hill, Gosaikunda, Upper Mustang, Manaslu Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes, Pikey Peak, Kalinchowk, etc), India, Tibet, China, and the United States. Most of her Instagram photos are taken by her mobile phones.

Binita Jirel @binitajirel_

Binita Jirel is a freelance trekking guide and an instructor for outdoor educational institutes. Binita started her first Solo trek in 2018 where she trekked in Upper mustang for 17 days. For then onwards she fell in love with the outdoor life and she never turned back. She is a learner at heart, and that led her to apply for the Snow Yak Foundation to be a teacher in Upper Dolpo. During her six months in Upper Dolpo, she led her class of primary level students and also developed a thirst for learning more about the culture, the people there, and also to know more about the relationship between culture and the geographical locations that influences and enhances them. As her majors in grad school were economics, it has made her look at the mix of people, cultures, and other aspects in a more economically sustainable and fostering manner.

She had cycled for 20 days across the south of Nepal from east to west to understand diversity in terai. For the GHT, the main idea is to learn more about how diverse cultures interact and how
that has been shaped due to their geographical and ecological environments.

Shanti Rai @shanti_raii

Shanti Rai, 27 years old from Kathmandu valley says “My travelling experience has been a deliberate decision to meet my curiosity to see my country. I had the curiosity to go see every nooks and corner.” She has been exploring new places for 6 years now. Poonhill trek was her first destination where she travelled with her travel enthusiast friends. This trek sparked her imagination and curiosity to see other places too. So, she started looking for excuses to travel to other places too. In 2018, she took a big step and decided to go for the long journey by herself, Solo travelling was very challenging but at the same time, it was very fascinating and alluring. And she travelled for 90 days throughout Nepal from east to west, mountain to Terai.

She has been involved with few projects with her friends to promote travel culture in Nepal. ‘Duluwatalks’ is a travel podcast initiated by a bunch of solo travelers girls where they bring all kinds of stories of everyday people and their perspective on everything travel. ‘Travelling Nepal Tips’ is another project where they share their travelling tips and experiences to other enthusiast travelers and also they organize monthly hiking around Kathmandu Valley. ”

Ruchi Shrestha @ruchishrestha_

Ruchi Shrestha originally from Kathmandu enjoys photography as a major hobby. Having a degree in finance and being a government employee she feels, the work experience has contributed to her photography experiences. It has made her self reliant and has given her the platform, wherein she gets the chance to travel to different parts of Nepal.

She has developed a deep preference for landscapes and portraits. She says every face has a different story to tell and every landscape is unique on its own. The fact that you could capture someone’s emotions in a photograph and freeze it in time is simply amazing. She believes this freedom surely has been a driving force for her. She cherishes meeting new people and travelling across the lengths of Nepal.

Photography has given her an opportunity to explore the thirst for art and surely has made her a much ecstatic person and she wishes to continue this journey for the rest of her life. She is one of the emerging female travellers on our list of “7 Female Travellers of Nepal”

This is our listing on 7 Female Travellers of Nepal. We are on Instagram too, Please follow us here @nepal8thwonder_

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