Top 5 things to do in Chitwan National Park

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If Chitwan National Park is not on your list of places to visit when coming to Nepal, you are seriously missing out. This little town on the edge of the jungle in Southern Nepal is a wildlife lover’s dream, allowing you to encounter many wild animals up close and personal in their natural habitat. It is certainly one of Asia’s best national parks for viewing large fauna, and is definitely worth staying for at least a few nights, if not more.

Note: Please do not participate in the Elephant Safaris. Although it might look like fun, and seem innocuous to sit on the elephants while they splash you, please do not partake in any of the Elephant rides while you are visiting Chitwan National Park, as it is not natural for them, as they are only doing it because they are held in captivity and being treated cruelly.

Summary list of Top 5 things to do in Chitwan National Park

S.N Places to visit in Chitwan National Park
5 20000 Lake (Bishazari Taal)
4 Tree House Overnight Stay
3 Canoe Rides
2 Jeep Safari
1 Jungle Trek

5. 20000 Lake (Bishazari Taal)

The local shops in the town rent bicycles and scooters, allowing you to create your own adventure, and visit the 20,000 lakes region of Chitwan, which is only a short half hour ride away from the town centre. You will ride next to the lush rice fields, and pass through small Tharu villages, where all the friendly local children (and goats) rush out to wave at you, with big smiles on their faces. Once you get to the lakes, you can cycle round and climb into the towers to take a look for exotic birds and crocodiles lurking in the water.

Bis Hajari taal in Chitwan National Park

4. Tree House Overnight Stay

The dream of staying overnight in a jungle tree house can become your reality during your visit to Chitwan. After only a short hike through the jungle, you will arrive at this awesome tower, where food and drinks are provided for you. The jungle truly comes alive after dark, allowing you to hear and see some of the nocturnal creatures that you would not see during the day. You will feel totally at peace, waking up naturally amongst the birds chirping and gentle hum of the animals awakening for the day.

Tree House in Chitwan National Park

3. Canoe Rides

Taking the canoe ride down the river, which flows through the national park, is an amazing opportunity to see beautifully coloured birds that call this jungle home. Not only this, but you will be able to see crocodiles sunbathing on the banks of the river, while you gently glide past.

After a few days of adventure in the jungle, this is great thing to do to wind down and relax in peace, letting the current take you slowly downstream, whilst you admire the wonderful views this park has to offer.

Canoe ride in Chitwan National Park

2. Jeep Safari

If the jungle trek is not for you, there are still plenty of other alternatives to witness Chitwan’s animals up close.

One of the most popular ways to see what the Chitwan National Park has to offer is to take the jeep safari. This allows you to enter further into the jungle than by foot, giving you a greater chance of seeing the rare One Horned Asian Rhino, and maybe even the famous Royal Bengal Tiger from the comfort of an open top jeep. This will allow you to take amazing photos, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

One Horned Rhino, Chitwan National Park

1. Jungle Trek

Without a doubt the best thing to do in Chitwan National Park is the jungle trek. This is a hugely different experience to any other safari that you will have been on before, and is what draws most people to the area. It is an exhilarating feeling, walking through the undergrowth, with adrenaline pumping through your veins, as you are on the lookout for One Horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers, Sloth Bears, Clouded Leopards and so much more.

The friendly and knowledgeable local guides are incredible at tracking the animals, giving you the best possible chance of having that once in a lifetime opportunity to witness them on foot, while ensuring your safety.

Given the splendor of this National Park there are surprisingly few tourists along the trail, making it feel like a really personal experience in nature, which is difficult to get anywhere else in the world.

Article by: Josh Phillips

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