10 reasons to visit Nepal

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We all know Nepal is a, very, beautiful country located in the South-Central Asia – a tiny sandwich country that shines between two mammoth countries; China to the North and India to the rest of the directions. Here are the reasons to visit Nepal.

Summary of 10 reasons to visit Nepal

S.N 10 reasons to visit Nepal
10 The Annapurna Region
9 Highest Peaks
8 Bird Watching
7 Numerous Adventures
6 World Heritage Sites
5 Value for Money
4 Lakes in Nepal
3 The Change in Elevation
2 Great variety of Culture
1 Nepalese Cuisine

10. The Annapurna Region

This is one of the best regions in Nepal – if not in the world – to trek, and enjoy watching the adventurous designs of the Mother Nature. This region escalates from Pokhara – The Queen of Lakes – and connects ‘herself’ with some of the finest green-and-lush vegetation, and, ultimately, displays the luxury life of The Majestic Himalayas of Nepal. It is very unlikely to not falling in love with this region at the very first sight. Annapurna Region is renowned, in the world, for offering varieties in its [trekking] menu. From three-week Annapurna Circuit that extends to the historic Mustang region to, quick, three-day treks; there’s always something suitable for everyone here.

9. Highest Peaks

Nepal is the home to eight out of ten highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest – the highest peak in the world. If you may hike to the top of, any random hills in Nepal, the unrealistic views of White Mountain Peaks, a glorious sunrise, and sunset, and the sight of Himalayan Range come with the guarantee.

Photo: Anton Jankovoy

8. Bird Watching

Nepal is an accepted nest to the 850 species of (recorded) birds. As colorful as the country itself, the national bird of Nepal is Lophophorus, also know as Himalayan Monal or Danphe, which is, already, an exquisite experience to watch them wandering in their natural habitats; The Himalayan Region. Blessed with multiple collections of bird’s life, Nepal is a home to, estimated, 8% of the birdies of the whole bird – calculated in the bird population. The climate and tranquil natural sections of Nepal, perhaps, should be, the responsible for this result.

7. Numerous Adventures

Nepal is not only a place for sight-seeing but a lot of adventurous activities, available, in Nepal that would add much more spices that will make you vacation adventurous and heroic. Adventures exercises like Mountaineering, Trekking, Boating, Rafting, Canoeing, Wildlife Safaris, Paragliding, Zipflying, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving are waiting for your personal touch.

6. World Heritage Sites

Nepal, a tiny country – interms of size, is home to ten UNESCO World Heritages Sites, which adds the supplementary class to the country. World Heritages Sites are peaceful to visit , but despite renovation program – because of Earthquake – but the sites are still time-worthy to visit. However, Nepal is an open museum of thousand of temples and historical artifacts. We recommend you to visit various (crowded and silent) alleys and corners of Nepal to souvenir your memory of Nepal, and the Old and Vintage Culture of the country.

5. Value For Money

Nepal is an affordable destination to spend a vacation, long holidays, or even for Honeymoon. Statistically and financially, if you compare the price of hiking, treks or tour of Nepal with the rates from the other countries, perhaps difference will speak how Nepal is a money-worth country. With an awesome range of Food Pricing in Nepal; you could live here with $10 per day, Nepal also provides clean hotels for about $18.50 per night. This value for money adds up to another Reasons to visit Nepal.

4. Lakes in Nepal

Lakes of Nepal have gained their reputation for an outstanding display of their natural beauty. Some of the famous lakes of Nepal are Rara Lake (the biggest lake of Nepal), Sheyphoksundo Lake (Deepest Lake in Nepal), Fewa Lake (Pokhara), and Begnas Lake (Pokhara). Here, we are only counting famous (discovered) lakes of Nepal, but there are over 200 Lakes in Nepal, of outstanding beauty with glaciers’ origin, awaits to be discovered by us. So, Lakes in Nepal are one of the major Reasons to visit Nepal.

Fewa Lake and the Annapurna Range, Pokhara. Photo: Anton Jankovoy

3. The Change in Elevation

Nepal is only the place in the whole world where the elevation can change from 60m to over 8,000m above sea level. With the deepest George to the World’s highest Mountain, with green lush of forest to dry desert of Mustang, Nepal has everything to amaze Nature Lovers.

2. Great variety of Cultures

There are about 103 ethnic groups in Nepal. All of them follow their individual religion, languages, musical influence, and their unique style of cuisine  Nepal is a very peaceful country where its inhabitants enjoy offering positive vibes, smiles, and lots of food (If you get invited by a Nepalese family for a lunch or dinner, make sure you have an empty stomach. Because brace yourself, foods are coming). Nepal is the only place where the living goddess “Kumari” exists.

1. Nepalese Cuisine

Nepalese Cuisine has its unique style of taste blending with various spices coming from North (China) and India. Nepalese food tastes and tops the South Asian Cuisine in terms of balanced flavoring. Nepalese kitchen produces much healthier food, moreover, Nepal is heaven for, both, Vegetarians and for Non-Vegetarians. Various “masala” (or the ingredients) add to the dishes like lentils, tomatoes, yogurt, garlic, etc. to make a dish, naturally, delicious. Food is very affordable here in Nepal.

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